She Tweeted You With Science! 11/01/2010

2 thoughts on “She Tweeted You With Science! 11/01/2010”

  1. Thanks for tagging my video Miss Cheska. I was really pleased to be able to participate in the k12 online conference and I would really appreciate your honest feedback. What did you enjoy about the video and what could be improved?


  2. Hey Britt! Great video – what I loved best about it was it was not just about a list of ed-tech tools to use in the science classroom. You took the time to explain the tools with screen captures, and supplemented it with student interviews where they took the time to explain why they use it and how it helps them learn more effectively. I really liked the idea of 60-second science videos; I’d like to implement that in my instruction.

    As for suggestions, the only thing that I thought of was that I wished the students had a mike — it was hard to hear some of their answers as some spoke softly. Well done!


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