Games in Education

One thought on “Games in Education”

  1. Reblogged this on Classroom Aid and commented:
    A piece of sharing from a teacher in love with PD and “games in education”…
    So yes, even though I am on vacation, I am going to PD and getting my learning fix on. If you are in the area and will be attending #GiE, send me a tweet at @MissCheska!

    Here’s a list of tentative sessions I have my eye on for the next two days:

    What? How? Why? Teaching with Digital Games in the Classroom
    Surrounding Commercial Games with Academic Learning
    Playing with Misconceptions: Using Digital Games and Interactive Metaphors in the Science Classroom
    Video Game Design: From ICT to Inquiry
    3D Models: The Cloud, Constellations, and the Solar System
    What are your thoughts on teacher PD as a recreational activity?


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