New Teacher Chronicles: Evernote Checklists & Classroom Organization

3 thoughts on “New Teacher Chronicles: Evernote Checklists & Classroom Organization”

  1. Hi Cheska,

    I liked this article and especially your Evernote checklists. Thanks for sharing them. I hadn’t thought of doing that! The rest of your back-to-school organization ideas are good too.

    You have some good ideas for creating classroom expectations. If you’d like one more, here’s what I did last year: I had students brainstorm classroom agreements, which I organized on (on the projector) while we worked together. In the next week, I combined similar ones and did a little bit of restating big ideas, and then re-showed the bubble maps, and had students pick one or two favorites to write and illustrate on a half piece of paper. (We did this on the same day as making safety maps of the room.) Finally, I displayed a subset of the student-generated agreements and expectations along with my “anchor”, big-picture ideas, on the cabinets. Then I just referred to the wall throughout the rest of the year. It seemed to work well, and I liked that much of it came from the students themselves. Here are some pictures of it:


  2. You are amazing! I am a first year teacher and I love your organization, the visusal simplicity (my style), clarity, the way you took an inventory of what you could do better, and your checklists. Thank you for sharing your awesome skills, ideas, prep, and writing about the experience. I will be turning to your blog often and feel no need to scroll the net for more information on setting up my classroom. I feel blessed to have found your blog. Have a great year teaching! I might send you a couple of questions on your procedures too!
    Thank you again!
    Sara Sanchez
    ELA 7th


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